What better way is there to share knowledge than bringing people together to talk about a topic they are passionate about? The Knowledge Cafe is an actual group that meets at once a month at headquarters to discuss knowledge sharing at CARE.

Join Us!

You don't have to be a knowledge sharing expert, an IT guru, or a communications wizard -- as long as you care about knowledge sharing or at least spend a lot of time scratching your head about it, we welcome you! We meet on the first Wednesday of every month in the Communications Conference room.

Try Our Favorite Tools

This budding list is a collection of resources that have been passed around by members of the group at some point or another. When the list grows long enough, we'll put things in categories.

Be Revitalized by (Winning) Strategies

As with any self-respecting discipline, there are strategies for knowledge sharing. Several group members have had a hand in developing some at one point or another. Share yours below.