The Sharepoint Users Group is a group of CARE employees who are trying to better understand Sharepoint and maximize its potential. We meet semi-regularly. We will post our notes here.

November meetings highlights: We gave presentations about our SP sites and how we use SP currently. We look forward to connecting with others in the future as there are a lot of questions about Sharepoint!
  • Ubora designed to track information from a global level from country offices, RMUs and HQ. They are getting information in a basic format like excel. Originally wanted this to be a place where people could report, but org was not ready. This site is also to share the report from all countries. They are trying to ease the burden off the users by asking for and collecting data in the
  • EDU Sharepoint site was originally for practitioners, primarily a repository of documents, it’s not consistent across country or projects etc, sorted in a rudimentary manner. Library not up to date, as there is no process for consistently updating the site. Christian wants to get video on the site. He wants to get blogging solution, and they are experimenting with it. When there’s something that would be relevant to a broader email address. He wants to have a way of capturing discussions—not on email, as that serves only a small group of people.
  • ECB Sharepoint: used pretty successfully with a wide membership (500+, core of about 30 users). There is interest in exploring the potential of wikis and a strong interest in training materials and resources, and questions around language issues.
  • HR Sharepoint sites have been deleted because of low usage. Rebecca will check into LINGOS to see if they have any SP courses.

What kinds of Sharepoint questions do you have?