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Tea Time TalksA chance to share good ideas from the countries where CARE operates
What are they? Tea Time Talks (TTT) are a chance for colleagues to share ideas about experiences in the field and creative solutions for programming and implementation challenges. Each discussion will focus on a specific theme, and colleagues will have the opportunity to problem-solve together and share lessons learned from the field.

Why Tea Time Talks? Tea Time Talks evolved in response to the need for more spaces for informal discussion and sharing of ideas among colleagues from across the organization. While there are venues to present more formally on our work, like the popular “Brownbag” lunchtime discussions, there are fewer opportunities for inclusive discussion on what is working, ideas for solving problems in the field, new innovations that colleagues are identifying in response to programming challenges, or new views and perspectives on a topic of interest.

How will Tea Time Talks be run? Each talk will be hosted by one person or team. Hosts will present a programming topic to the group, and then facilitate a conversation about the topic, including challenges, solutions participants have tried (those that have worked and those that haven’t), and ideas. These are different from traditional “brownbag presentations” in which CARE staff present results or report out on an endeavor. Instead, Tea Time Talks are designed for open, frank discussion and problem-solving.

Who are they for? They are for anyone from across CARE! The first few, listed below, will be hosted by members of Program, Partnerships and Learning at CARE USA, and we hope that colleagues from across the organization and throughout the CARE world will join the discussions. But anyone can host a Tea Time Talk! If you would like to host a talk, or you want to suggest an idea for one, get in touch with Jennifer Kuzara (jkuzara@care.org) or Aabira Sher Afgan (asherafgan@care.org), who can provide guidance for scheduling a Tea Time Talk.

When will they be? We are including the first scheduled talks below. In general, we hope that these talks will be at a time that is conducive to global participation. In general, they will be at 9:00 a.m. Atlanta/4:00 p.m. Nairobi/7:00 p.m. Dhaka/12:00 a.m. Melbourne (depending on Daylight Savings). We know this time is still difficult for our colleagues in Oceania, so we hope to schedule some Tea Time Talks at alternative times as well.

How can we join? Tea Time Talkswill be held on WebEx and facilitated by the host of the topic. If you want to be a part of the discussion in real time, just join the WebEx on your computer or by phone! Or, you can listen to a recording of the talk at a later time.